Books by Luisa Buehler

Harry’s Loss of Grace

2nd short story in the Grace Marsden prequel trilogy

The plan to save Harry Marsden goes terribly wrong. Instead of a safe hand off to agents waiting to fly him home to the United States, the rendezvous never happens and the team is forced to leave before they are detained. Harry's paid rescuer panics and leaves him for dead. Alone, ill from exposure, without money, identification or contacts, help comes in the form of a farmer who takes him into his home. Harry is grateful but entirely confused. He knows he doesn't belong in South America, but beyond that he doesn't know anything else! With no memory, Harry can't begin to understand the danger he still faces and the danger that most certainly will befall his host. Will time be on his side? Will he remember before his enemy hears mention of the 'gringo' living in the mountains and sends men to finish the execution Harry cheated or will he remember and protect himself and his benefactors

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